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Fifteen years is a long time. That’s the amount of time that my husband, Rev. David D. Munoz, spent making an impact for The Kingdom of God in Central India. It was during this time, that he and I established a church planting missions ministry known as Pinn Oaks International Ministry. With the involvement of fellow Indian believers and ministers we were able to establish over 80 churches, with numerous pastors ministering throughout the region, and multiple sites of Vacation Bible School done throughout the summer months. Two orphanages have also been founded so that even the “least of

these” could receive the hope of Jesus.

Although my husband has gone to be with the Lord, the legacy of this ministry and great Kingdom work continues. We can see the hope of Christ still shining through during this time of transition. It is for this reason that we would like to announce a change in the name of this great ministry. The new name of this ministry will now be Asha Ministries. Asha means “hope” in the Hindi language. Even though the name has been changed, the mission remains the same- bringing the hope of Jesus to the people of India!

The leadership and administration of Asha Ministries on the field in India are now being supervised by Pastor Bollam Arunaka. Pastor Arunaka has demonstrated a tremendous zeal to make the gospel known in places in India that need to know about the hope in Jesus.

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